Can I Pee in the Sink?

While it might seem like a strange question, it’s one that a lot of people have asked, especially men! Women peeing in the sink is less likely. In this article, we will answer the question: Is it ok to pee in the sink? Are there any legitimate reasons why it’s a good or bad idea? 

What’s the point of peeing in the sink? 

It’s a pretty gross thing to think about. But in fact, there are some actual reasons why someone would want to do this, though there are some poor reasons why as well! Let’s take a look at a few reasons someone may give for urinating in the sink. 

The Toilet is Broken

If you’re stuck in a situation where your toilet is broken, then there may, sadly, be no other choice. If your toilet is not working or cannot flush for some reason, then you may find yourself out of options. It’s better to pee in the sink in that case, rather than not flushing your toilet and letting foul smells get into your house. 

If you pee in your sink you can be sure that the urine will be sent into your pipes and leave your bathroom, instead of just staying in your toilet bowl. 

Someone Is Using the Bathroom

Most of us have lived with roommates or friends, and it may be an uncomfortable experience if they’re having a shower when we need to be. Especially if you have a few morning coffees! 

If the need is there, you might find yourself without any other options. While it may not be a particularly polite thing to do, this is another reason why you might find yourself peeing in the sink. 

To Save Water 

One reason (or excuse) people may offer is peeing in the sink to save water. When using the sink, you can simply use a small amount of water through the tap to wash the sink. Toilet tanks use a great deal more water, so you will end up saving some amount of money in the long run. 

While this might seem like a frugal reason, it’s still not greatly hygienic! 

People Do Weird Stuff 

Lastly, one reason people might give this a try, especially teenage boys, is just to see if they can. People do silly things all the time, so why not? 

Finally, people might consider that it’s quieter to pee in the sink than in the toilet. Especially if your toilet is close to someone else’s bedroom, it might seem more polite to let things happen in the sink instead. 

Will Peeing in the Sink Save Water? 

It might seem that people who pee in the sink are not quite right, sanity-wise. But some people do it, and people who wonder about it! And the fact is, the standard toilet can use up to two gallons of water per flush, which is a great deal. Especially in places where people are being conscious of their water usage. A low-flow toilet will still use almost a gallon of water per flush. 

If you pee in the sink, instead of wasting so many gallons of water, you can just wash your hands and clean the sink at the same time. That will mean that instead of using all those gallons of water, you’re just using a few small splashes to wash your hands and flush at the same time. 

What’s Wrong with Peeing in the Sink? 

Although we have discussed some benefits to peeing in the sink above, there are some drawbacks. Let’s consider some of them. 

  • There is the idea that urine is completely sterile. While this may be true if you happen to be in great physical shape, the reality is that many people are not so healthy. This means that numerous kinds of bacteria and parasites could be in your urine. It’s probably best not to think about having these bugs crawling around and making their home in your household sink.
  • The sad fact is for most men that no one’s aim is perfect. Especially if you’re going to the bathroom at night, or not someone who pays close attention to such things. So you might end up making a little bit of mess, and ending up splashing taps, the floor or countertop. That’s not an issue anyone in your house will want to deal with! 
  • There is also the obvious fact that sometimes, urine does not smell the best. If you happen to not clean the sink perfectly, there may be a foul smell in your sink! This will not make you the most popular person in your household, especially if you are sharing your house with roommates. You might find yourself getting kicked out in short order! 

Is it OK to Pee in the Sink? 

If you’re wondering, “Can urine block a sink?” you don’t need to worry as this will not happen. Theoretically, if you have perfect aim and clean up everything perfectly, there is no good reason why you cannot pee in the sink, save for general politeness. While it’s technically no real problem, other people may be perturbed if they find out it’s a regular habit of yours. 

Do a Lot of Men Pee in the Sink? 

Some studies have been done to find out the answer to this question. Some of these studies have reported that up to 41% of men regularly or at one time have performed this activity. However these studies were only done with small sample sizes, and the results of these studies have varied greatly. So the accuracy of these findings is probably not worth trusting. 

However, with what can be found online through studies and anecdotal events, the fact is that peeing in the sink is something that a lot of men have tried at least once in their lives. 


In conclusion, if you are in a situation where you simply must pee in the sink, you don’t need to worry about it too much. Just make sure you pay complete attention to what you’re doing and do a good clean-up job afterward. But if you don’t absolutely need to, it’s probably best to use the sink just for washing your hands! 

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